Mac malware removal
With the great influx of malware for Apple systems lately, the complexity of them increases. This poses no challenge to us! Stop in any time with your Apple with all the bugs in it and we'll pick them out!
May. 01, 2015
Used plotters
Please check our specials page for deals on used plotters.
Feb. 13, 2015
Intel Core i-Series 5th Generation
We are now carrying 5th generation i-Series parts. We will update our products page to reflect any changes.
Dec. 31, 2014
Local (or not!)
We've got a lot of laptops up in our specials ready and waiting for a good home, so stop on in and take a look. Wait, what's that, you aren't in this area? That's OK! We are listing some items available on our eBay for US shipping, so you can take a look there!
Oct. 23, 2014
We now have a page on the website dedicated to specials. Whenever we get an influx of used machines, parts, or any other item we're itchin' to get rid of, you'll find it here. So check it every once in a while for a good deal.
Oct. 01, 2014
Now mobile friendly!
Our website has been adjusted to be more mobile device friendly. This feature is automatically applied so there is no special address to go to.
Sep. 11, 2014
What is the iPad Air?
Now that Apple keeps VERY hush hush on new devices until they are announced (usually very shortly before available for sale), many people miss out on what's new in the latest device. The new iPad Air, for all intents and purposes, should be viewed as a larger iPad Mini. The design is identical, minus the Air being the usual 10 inch screen. This allows for the Air to be thinner and lighter than the iPad 4. As far as function, you aren't going to see any big differences on the Air. The display, storage, cameras and battery seem to be identical in capability, whereas the processor has been upgraded to the new A7.
Nov. 05, 2013
iPhone 5 and SIII repair
The parts prices for the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III digitizer repairs are dropping. These were the newest and most popular phones, and thanks to the manufacturers fusing the LCD panel and digitizer, the parts were VERY expensive. The parts may still seem like they are still bloated prices right now, but they have dropped a lot this past week.
Sep. 07, 2013
HP Plotters
In a business situation with a large format printer or a plotter? You probably know it's hard to find a technician that can repair those HP DesignJets. Unless you call us, that is. We repair HP plotters onsite and inshop. Give us a call for pricing.
Jul. 17, 2013
Playstation 3 update issue
There is a firmware update for the Playstation 3 that is being pushed out. The current firmware is 4.45. If you have any issues (e.g. now stuck on ribbons) you can bring it in and we can check if the system is recoverable.
Jun. 19, 2013
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